Stainless Steel Cut-off Tubes and Cannulas



Tubes & Cannuls

Comrades INC supplies various kind of stainlese steel cannulas and tubings as a specialist subcontractor on reliance to needle makers, pharmaceutical companies, laboratory products makers and others for the manufacture mainly of quality needles for medical use backed by "state-of-the-art" techniques and good experiences of more than 40 years, exclusive but free or on confidentiality agreement.

Cannula Applications

Cannulas and tubes (metal part only) for the following Applications are available

Dialysis Fistula Needle Vein Needle for Blood Bag Inner Needle for Indwelling Catheter
Special Needle Epidural Needle Subclavian Needle
Troker Needle Blood Collecting Needle Dental Cartridge Needle
Prefil Syringe NeedleAspiration Biopsy Needle Cutting Biopsy Needle
Transfer Needleetc

Optional Processings

Following Optional Processings are available upon request

Grit-blasting Perforating Rounding
Bending Etching Tempering
Inside Mirror FinishingSlotting Swaging