Stainless Steel Cut-off Tubes and Cannulas




PRESIDENT Yoichi Yoshida
LOCATION Villurage Nogizaka 203, 9-5-28 Akasaka,Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
TEL / FAX Tel:0081-3-5410-0681 Fax:0081-3-5410-0880
CAPITAL 10 million yen
MAIN BANK Mizuho Bank Akasaka Branch 
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


In 1968 Comrades Inc. commenced business with the export of "disposable injection needles" both with metal hub and plastic hub as a leading export agent of the quality needle/cannula manufacturers, and in so doing, became one of the most important suppliers of medical disposable products in addition to the standard injection needles, such as urethral catheters, urine bags, anesthetic needles, anesthetic catheters, and stainless steel tubings as well as the development of sophisticated cannulas thus according to so-called customers' needs mainly on OEM basis backed by our good technical knowledge.
In 1972 Comrades became a member of The Medical Instrument Society of Japan, and were soon later acknowledged by The Ministry of Health & Welfare of Japan as a qualified importer and distrubutor of medical products from abroad into Japanese market. Nearly at the same time of period, Comrades became also a member of The Japan Medical Products International Trade Association.
In 1977 Comrades moved its head office from Akasaka 4-Chome to Akasaka 9-Chome to meet further progress in new millennium.
In 1980 On its way of progress, Comrades additionally arranged the Division of “Bio-clean Air System” and have let the new division to be independent under the name of Comrades Industry Co., Ltd. at Nihonbashi, Tokyo as a planner-manufacturer-distributor of total clean air system, from clean bench working station to clean room to meet the requirements by pharmaceutical plants, medical prod. makers, hospitals, laboratories, electronic components plants, food industries and so on.